Take Away Menu

Example of our takeaway menu.

See in store for dine-in prices.

To call ahead for a takeaway or to make a reservation: (07) 3272 2111.

Open 6 days, Wednesday to Monday. 5pm to 9pm.


Blue Mix $15.95

An entrée assortment including Onion Pakoras, Samosas, Chicken Tikka and Sheik Kebab


Meat or Vegetable Samosas $8.95

Three pieces of pastry triangles filled with spiced mince or vegetables

Chicken Tikka Entrée $10.95

Boneless tandoori chicken pieces with mint sauce


Sheik Kebab $10.95

Spiced mince kebabs with mint sauce

Paneer Pakora 10.95

Cubes of paneer dipped in a homemade batter then deep-fried

Onion Pakora $8.95

Spicy onion fritters


Chilli Paneer Entrée 10.95

Paneer in sweet and spicy sauce with capsicum and onions


Chicken Pakora $10.95

Spicy chicken fritters

Fish Pakora $10.95 Spicy fish fritters


Chilli Prawns Entrée $12.95

Prawns in a sweet and spicy sauce


Prawn Pakora $12.95

Prawns in spicy chick pea batter and deep fried

Special Chicken Mains

A serve of rice is complimentary with each main. All curries are gluten free.


Butter Chicken$16.90

Diced tandoori chicken in a cream and tomato sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala $16.90

Boneless tandoori pieces cooked in a sweet cashew, tomato and cream sauce

Chilli Chicken $16.90

Chicken stir fried with capsicum, chilli and herbs


Mughlai Chicken $16.90

Royal North Indian chicken in fresh herbs and spices


Karahi Chicken16.90

Chicken pieces cooked in a spicy and thick tomato-based sauce with vegetables.


Mango Chicken $16.90

Cooked with mango, yoghurt, onions and spices


Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Goat* Meals

Complimentary serve of rice with each main. Goat curries are on the bone. All curries are gluten free. We use quality Tasmanian lamb and Angus Beef. Prices shown are for chicken curries. †Add 1$ for lamb, beef or goat curries.


Korma $16.90 †

Your choice of meat in a mild cream yoghurt and cashew nut sauce.


Madras $16.90 †

Your choice of meat with chilli, garlic, coconut milk & shredded coconut.


Rogan Josh $16.90 †

A hot curry, with your choice of meat with fried onion, paprika & fresh coriander


Saagwala $16.90 †

Your choice of meat in a spinach puree with herbs


Vindaloo $16.90 †

Your choice of meat in a hot and tangy sauce


Nisha $16.90 †

A sweet curry with cream and a touch of peanut butter

Delight $16.90 †

A curry with touch of sultanas and nuts


A serve of rice is complimentary with each main. All curries are gluten free.


Alu Gobi $14.90

A traditional cauliflower & potato curry cooked with spices and herbs


Mixed Vegetables $14.90

A subtle north Indian mixed vegetable curry


Dhal Makhani $14.90

Delicious lentil curry mixed with a variety of spices and simmered in cream


Dhal Masala $14.90

This lentil classic is India’s No.1 vegetarian meal


Karahi Paneer $15.90

Cubes of homemade cheese cooked with special butter sauce and vegetables


Shahi Paneer $15.90

A mild & creamy curry blended with fresh herbs & cubes of cheese


Palak Paneer $15.90

A spinach delicacy blending fresh spices and served with homemade cheese


Chilli Paneer $15.90

Paneer pieces in a sweet and spicy sauce with stir fried onion and capsicum


Malai Kofta $15.90

A royal mild curry with a touch of cream and almonds served with potato balls known as koftas


Vegetable Vindaloo $15.90

A mixed vegetable curry cooked in a vindaloo sauce

Vegetable Korma $15.90

A mixed vegetable curry cooked in a korma sauce 


A serve of rice is complimentary with each main. All curries are gluten free.


Chilli Prawn Curry $19.90

A prawn curry with a sweet and spicy sauce


Prawns Nariyal $19.90

A prawn curry with a touch of coconut cream


Prawn Vindaloo $19.90

A hot prawn curry

Fish Vindaloo $16.90

A hot fish curry

Fish Korma $16.90

Cooked in a mild cream yoghurt and cashew nut sauce

Fish Nariyal $16.90

A fish curry with a touch of coconut cream


Raita $4.50

A cucumber and yogurt salad


Papadums $2.00

A serve of 4 papadums


Mango Chutney $2.00

A sweet mango chutney


Mixed Pickle $2.00

An assortment of various pickles


Indian Onion Salad $4.50

A traditional Punjabi sliced salad comprised of onions, tomatoes and cucumber with chat masala and vinegar dressing. Also available as chopped.

Extra serve of Rice $2.00

A serve of rice is complimentary with each main. An extra serve of rice is available.


Extra serve of Mint Sauce $2.00

An extra serve of mint sauce

Exrra serve of Sweet Chill Tamarind Sauce $2.00

Extra serve of sweet chilli tamarind sauce



An essential staple of North Indian Cuisine


Plain Naan $3.95

Unleaven white flour Indian bread


Tava Roti$3.50

Home-style unleavened wholemeal Indian bread cooked on a hot plate


Garlic Naan $4.50

Bread with garlic


Cheese Naan $4.50

Bread with cheese


Masala Paratha $4.50

Bread with spicy potato


Kashmiri Naan $4.50

Bread filled with fruit and nuts


Herb Naan $4.50

Bread filled with herbs and olives


Chilli Naan $4.50

Bread with chilli


Onion Naan $4.50

Bread with chopped onion


Punjabi Naan $4.95

Bread with spinach and cheese

Cheese with Garlic Naan $4.95

Bread with both cheese and garlic

Keema Naan $4.95

Bread with spicy lamb mince


Chicken Naan $4.95

Bread with spicy tandoori chicken


Biryani is a rich and royal speciality dish served on special occasions and is rice with chicken fillet pieces, vegetables, diced tender lamb or goat pieces

Chicken Biryani $15.95


Lamb Biryani $16.95


Vegetable Biryani $14.90


Goat Biryani $16.90

Goat is on the bone